Moscow State Dance Theatre Gzhel
22 detsember 2016 kell 19:00
Nordea Kontserdimaja

Moscow State Dance Theatre Gzhel

The Dances of the World's Peoples

This unique dance company unites in its performances such genres as folk, ballet, and music-hall. The costumes, always exquisite and unique, play almost as important role as the dance itself. The company does not only introduce to the public the peculiarities and traditions of various regional dances but through the costumes also demonstrates the everlasting beauty and spirit of traditional crafts. Every performance is like a costume-gala which shows to the audience the captivating patterns of Palekh, Zhostovo painting, Pavlovo Posad shawls, and Gzhel in all their splendour.

The company was created in 1988 and coincided with the 650th anniversary of one of the most famous Russian traditional crafts — Gzhel ceramics. It is after this celebrated form of art that the given dance collective takes its name. 

This relatively young dance theatre quickly won the hearts of its audience and secured its place in the vast array of Russia’s dance collectives.  Professional and public acknowledgement are proofs to the theatre’s originality, its cast’s competence, and artistic dexterity. 

It its performances, Gzhel is developing and reinterpreting the traditions of Russian folk dance as well as the choreographic forms of other peoples. The theatre’s cast consist of the graduates of Russia’s best choreography schools. The young cast performs full of emotions and sincerity, thus charming the public.

Theatre Gzhel has already visited 60 different countries including Brazil, USA, China, Thailand, Cuba, and Mexico. Everywhere it was given a warm welcome.

For Tallinn public the collective decided to put together a special programme. The concert will consist of dances of the world’s peoples as well as most famous Russian dances and modern pieces in the style of music-hall. Obviously, the performance will be accompanied by the large number of unforgettable, original, and enchantic costumes. All members of the theatre’s cast, altogether 55 dancers, will take part in the performance.