St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy
16 detsember 2016 kell 19:00
Nordea Kontserdimaja

St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy

The Count of Luxembourg

Operetta in three parts

Director — winner of the State Prize of Russia Igor Konyaev
Music director and conductor — Honored Artist of Russia Andrey Alexeev
Set designer — Martins Vilkarsis (Latvia)
Costume designer — Ilze Vitolinja (Latvia)

Operetta ‘The Count of Luxembourg’ was written by Franz Lehar 4 years after the completion of his triumphal ‘The Merry Widow’ and was also very successfu. First staged in Vienna's Theatre an der Wien on 12th of November 1909, it is still one of the most popular performances of many theaters. In Russia, the first performance of ‘The Count of Luxembourg’ was held in the winter of 1909 in the St. Petersburg theatre Winter Buff. 

The Plot

A carnival in Paris. In the workshop of artist, and count, René von Luxembourg the Parisian bohème is having fun. Here, in front of everyone, a stunning news is announced: singer Angèle Didier, the sweetheart of all Paris is marrying an old Russian prince! However, the prince is trying hard to avoid a mismarriage. So, he proposes René a pact: the count receives a big sum of money for incognito marrying Angèle just to divorce her as soon as possible after having transmitted her his title. In this way, the prince can marry not a ‘simple singer’ but a lady of high society. And everything would have gone as planned if only the hearts of the freshly married couple would not have been pierced by the Cupid’s arrow.