Sergei Zakharov
19 detsember 2016 kell 19:00
Nordea Kontserdimaja

Sergei Zakharov

The Waltz, The Song, and The Romance

Sergei Zakharov has been a favourite of lyrical song lovers for the past 45 years. It seems as if time does not have any power over his captivating voice and his almost magical influence on the public.

Zakharov’s musical talent became evident very early and his first  performances with a song and dance ensemble brought him fame and eventually determined his future career. The naturally beautiful timber of Zakharov’s voice as well as his artistic potential instantly put the young performer a step above all his fellow vocalists. After graduating from a musical college, Zakharov worked in an orchestra under the direction of Leonid Utyosov. This experience had undoubtedly helped to further develop his talent and Zakharov subsequently received several prestigious national and international awards.

The love and recognition of millions brought Zakharov to the peak of his fame. The singer performed all over the world and in 1975 starred in the musical film ‘Heavenly Swallows’. Zakharov’s musical repertoire spans from folk and variety songs to most complicated opera arias. His voice has helped to promote and maintain beautiful singing traditions as well as to inspire his numerous fans and admirers. Sergei Zakharov is a permanent partner of the Russian song and romance festival in the United Kingdom. In Tallinn, the artist will perform his programme ‘The Waltz, The Song, and The Romance’.