Konstantin Raikin
12 detsember 2016 kell 19:00
Nordea Kontserdimaja

Konstantin Raikin

The very favourite

Solo-performance, concert

Konstantin Arkadyevich Raikin is the artistic director of Moscow’s Satirikon Theatre, People’s Artist of Russia, a renown theatre director, professor, and laureate of several prestigious national theatre awards. 

The solo-performance ‘The very favourite’ is Raikin’s tribute to poetry. Raikin shares his memories about the beginnings of his artistic career, childhood passions, his doubts at choosing profession, youthful interest in sport and animal life, and most importantly his burning desire to follow his family’s tradition of acting. Memories of his father, whose artistic fame has crossed even the borders of the Soviet Union also play an important role.

Around three quarters of the performance are dedicated to Russian poetry. Every poem Raikin recites, he turns into a small play. People’s Artist of the USSR, recently deceased Bogdan Stupka, who saw Raikin’s performance has claimed: ‘Noone in the world reads poetry like Raikin!’

Raikin himself says: ‘Everything I do in this performance is fundamentaly the reflection of myself. I, myself, consist of various genres. Poetry is a special state of mind… For me, reciting poetry from the stage is similar to playing roles or performing monologues — it abides by the exact same rules. At this particular moment, I feel the need for real poetry. I feel that people lack some sort of vitamin in their spiritual food, maybe a certain kind of beautiful phrases, an eloquent speech… Read Pushkin and you will feel how the number of bacteria around you decreases… his poetry is like the ringing of church bells! Once my father told me: ‘Always read poetry! Do it independently from the nature of your audience. This will allow them to understand you better and to see life in all its complexity!’’.