The Theatre Ballet Moscow
18 detsember 2016 kell 17:00
Nordea Kontserdimaja

The Theatre Ballet Moscow


Age 5+

The Theatre Ballet Moscow is one of the leading ballet theatres of the Russian capital. It comprises two paired sets of cast — classical and contemporary. In 2016 company’s production ‘Cafe Idiot’ received the Golden Mask National Theatre Award for the best contemporary dance performance. This world-class dance piece is scheduled to be shown at the next year’s annual Golden Mask in Estonia theatre festival. However, already this December, just a few days before Christmas, Estonian theatre lovers will get a possibility to meet the renown ballet’s classical cast.

Everybody loves Christmas presents but few await them as eagerly as children. That is why this Christmas you will have the opportunity to make your children an unforgettable Christmas gift! The Theatre Ballet Moscow is visiting Tallinn for the first time and brings to you its fairy tale ballet ‘Thumbelina’. The production is based on the popular fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Captivating storyline, beautiful choreography, picturesque sets, and fantastical costumes — all create a wondrous and spellbinding tale with deep philosophical meaning.

The company has taken liberty at revisiting Andersen’s well-known fairy tale and transformed Thumbelina into the inhabitant of a little girl’s doll-house. Thumbelina’s story becomes the reflection of the child’s inner world — its conceptions of good and evil. It is the magical realm where through games children discover themselves and eventually grow up. As seasons change on stage and sets become alive with fantastical animations and video art, the characters and the audience travel through the fantasy world of Thumbelina: the Frog’s swamp, the underground dwelling of the Mole, and the beautiful meadow of the Flower Fairies. 

Set and costume designer is Sergei Illarionov — a Saint Petersburg artist and a Golden Mask nominee. The costumes are executed following the Asian tradition of deconstruction (in collaboration with Jekaterina Malinina). They have bright details and wondrous, even unusual shapes. The musical base for the performance is ‘The Seasons’ by Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky. However, in ‘Thumbelina’ this classical piece is revisited and enlivened by the pioneer of Russian electronic music — composer and musician Arkady Marto. Marto’s musical compositions together with magical sets, extraordinary costumes and innovative choreography will offer you and your loved ones a truly enchanting Christmas experience!